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Ramona Quimby Book 2
by Beverly Cleary Books

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I love it.

Deja Dead By Kathy Reichs
by Kathy Reichs

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I love the TV show Bones and when I lost the ability to watch TV I got the books. Super talented woman.

The Boxcar Children Book 1
by Gertrude Chandler Warner

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Exciting for multiple ages

Night Of Cake And Puppets
by Laini Taylor

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Loved this side story from Taylor’s world!

The Eye Of The World
by Robert Jordan

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Great fantasy adventure. Very like Toilken books but much more detailed and an easy enjoyable read.

by Meagan Spooner

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This book was... interesting.

Spider Bones
by Kathy Reichs

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Another interesting story that winds around full circle with lots of tangents that pull together to make answers to the whole story.

Bones On Ice
by Kathy Reichs

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Her books have unexpected twists and turns. A volcanic eruption caused an avalanche on Mt Everest. This unearthed some bodies. A family wanted Tempe to verify it was their daughter. While doing so she discovered murder

Giraffes Can't Dance
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This is my kids favorite book, it talks about being different and embracing our differences. They love this book being read to them over and over again. Super cute!

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